Course Introduction

With the success of the first five years of courses for military personnel HorseBack extended its remit and is now able to focus on the wider community. The Charity acknowledges that recovering from any life changing experience, whether as a result of substance misuse, physical or mental illness or emotional trauma, takes time, understanding and a healing environment.

Just as with our military participants, everyone needs a sense of mission in their lives and the resulting feeling of achievement, self-worth and empowerment.


Our community programme follows exactly the same process as the military three-phase course but can be adapted to incorporate specific topics. Although based on our farm and using horses, the course sits within a personal development and employability remit.

From the very beginning, the environment we offer is one of safety, acceptance, and motivation. We encourage attendees to develop self-awareness, compassion and personal responsibility. Through their experience and our mindfulness approach, we hope they will recognise and develop coping strategies which will help build their resistance to the possibility of future depression, anxiety, anger or substance misuse. Over the years at HorseBack we have witnessed life-changing shifts in self-sabotaging behaviour allowing attendees to improve relationships and develop a constructive and healthy lifestyle.

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Covid-19 Charity Statement

During this challenging time, the focus of HorseBack UK is on supporting our attendees, our employees and the local communities in which we operate.

Although we have been unable to deliver many of our courses we continue to engage with participants both past and present to ensure that support is available when necessary.  We have improved both our facilities and programmes and look forward to the lifting of  restrictions to allow us to re-commence courses ensuring that the new Covid-19 Compliant Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to.