There is often much to be gained from cross-sector learning; it engages the audience with a fresh approach, and relevant messages are often brought home in a more memorable fashion. Understanding this, N-Sea facilitated a presentation for the entire project team, on board the Siem N-Sea at mobilisation. Horseback UK provides a safe and supportive environment to aid the recovery of UK servicemen and women, who have been injured in combat, and brought with them a new perspective to the topics of team membership, mutual support, personal responsibility, empowerment, the necessity for feedback and so on. In other words, all behaviours critical to a safe working environment. By providing this session, N-Sea demonstrated its clear – and creative – commitment to an incident-free work scope. Those who attended were both inspired and motivated.


‘The presentation was both inspirational and educational and provided a hard hitting realisation of the effects of accident/incident’. Mark Ross – 3.4 Inspection Coordinator The Horseback UK presentation was well received by all team members and was a welcome addition to our pre-project briefing. I would encourage their involvement in future campaigns’.

Neil Landsborough – OPM

I thought it was very inspirational and yes I was a bit lost for words…….

Angela, Customer Fulfilment Coordinator, Drilling Services

Hit a nerve, 100% respect, that was some journey, I have never stopped thinking about it all week.

Ian (GE Oil and Gas)

I just wanted to add my own personal thanks for the time you spent with us yesterday and sincerely hope that you got as much out of the afternoon session as I certainly did. To hear your presentation was something very special to me and you could have heard a pin drop in the room, that’s how much you had the attention of colleagues.

David France, ESCS Programme Manager

Thank you for a truly memorable day. The feedback from our graduates was that the day was about “having the confidence to lead” and the way you covered team building and communication skills was particularly effective. That’s a real achievement.

Caroline Bennet, Graduate Program – Premier Oil

Great format, very good discussion, well organised, well done to the team.

Technical Manager Premier Oil

The bits we loved the most were hearing you talk about your real experiences. You were engaging, clear and articulate throughout, in fact the words we used were ‘truly inspirational’.

John Lewis – Aberdeen

It is me who should be thanking you. I am so delighted that you found it a pleasure and privilege to talk at our Conference – but the reality is that I/we found it far more of pleasure and privilege to listen and learn about your recovery and extraordinary (or maybe it’s far more ordinary than I realised?) experiences with horses. To say your talk was well received couldn’t be more of an understatement – I can’t even remember the number of people who said how quite brilliant you were – mixing humour with your mesmerising story. As you say, HRH loved it – that was quite obvious. And I think I might be able to set you up on a full-time speaker circuit, such are the number of people who said they’d love to hear you again – including the Household Cavalry!

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