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Banchory Academy and HorseBack UK – a brief history.


Since 2012 Banchory Academy and HorseBack UK have worked together on a variety of different projects. These projects have allowed both Banchory Academy and HorseBack UK to organically develop a very special working relationship. This relationship, enhanced year upon year, as each party develops a greater understanding of each other’s organisation.

We have challenged stereotypes, overcome educational and physical disability, we have developed an excellent educational work programme, built on pupils wider achievements through leadership, challenged pupils both physically and mentally developing resilience and teamwork in the across Scotland challenges. Each project has worked hard to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work and continues to see pupils involved in these projects go on to positive and sustained destinations from school.

This working relationship has been the most positive educational experience that I have been involved with in almost 20 years of secondary education. We are now looking at opportunities to take the next steps and improve what we have developed.

Deputy Rector, Banchory Academy.


In September of this year Aberdeenshire Outdoor Learning Strategy group hosted a senior leadership event at Mar Lodge. This was a 3 day residential involving all 17 Academies from Aberdeenshire Council.
The course involved a variety of different events involving workshops, adventure education, a survival exercise overnight and presentations from a range of different people with different experiences to share. The aim to look at the skills and different elements of leadership and teamwork.

Horseback staff ran the evening sessions which comprised of 3 different team activities in to one. The workshops were excellent and the pupils gained a huge amount as they were put under pressure in a variety of different scenarios. The feedback was excellent with many students challenged in a way they had not experienced at school before. Of course, stronger for that experience.

The course programme received some extremely positive responses and fostering these skills in our people will surely pay dividend as they become the next generation of leaders in society.

Aberdeenshire Outdoor Learning Strategy Group

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