Why Horses?

Horses don’t judge, they don’t have an agenda, they don’t care if you only have one leg, suffer from an addiction or have anxiety and depression. Horses just want to know if you are a compelling leader, can keep them safe at that moment and can build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

For most of the people coming to HorseBack they have no or very little experience with horses. Horses to them are big 500kg animals that bite at one end and kick at the other. For those who have horse experience, we offer a different way of looking at ourselves through the horse’s eyes. These intelligent, sensitive creatures can be our friends; they live entirely in the present offering us patience, forgiveness, and another chance when we get it wrong. Do we always know how we are feeling? Are we always aware of how we are behaving or affecting others?

Through working with the horses our participants develop empathy and create an awareness of others’ feelings and needs. They learn to treat a horse with kindness, respect, and responsibility and are empowered to begin to do the same in their relationships with themselves and others.

Areas which can be addressed are

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