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What is in the new ration pack and what does it look like?
As our Youth Development Programme stay out tonight, as the modern military do, what will they be eating?
And what was in yours when you served? Answer in comments
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1 day ago

Our Youth Development Programme are staying out tonight under the stars, military fashion. Here our Team Leader and Programme Coordinator Taff Teague talks about the evening ahead. Please follow and share their fundraising efforts. If you wish to donate, please click the fundraising link in the comments below.
✨ 🏕️
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1 day ago

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Done. Hope you make your target 🤞❤️

This afternoon we caught up with our Youth Development Programme which is partnered with the Prince's Trust. Here our young people talk about some work they have been doing to remember those who went before us in the local area, and of what they will be doing later this week to support military veterans. This is all part of their 12 week programme, as they come to the end of their Teams Programme journey, they look to head into full time employment or further education after a fantastic time learning new skills. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago
The HorseBack horses are back in their summer fields following some field maintenance.  The oldies live in the rough ground where they have access to space, grass, bushes and wildlife.  The others horses live on the hill with a more restrictive diet but still as a large herd. It’s a tough life as a HorseBack horse!

The HorseBack horses are back in their summer fields following some field maintenance. The oldies live in the rough ground where they have access to space, grass, bushes and wildlife. The others horses live on the hill with a more restrictive diet but still as a large herd. It’s a tough life as a HorseBack horse! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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I dropped by to see them on Saturday. They looked wonderful. Was sorry to miss the 2 legged team. Keep up the amazing work.

They look as if they are struggling - not!

Good to see them living as naturally as possible and allowed to be horses.

We are back from Normandy and are collating everything together from the trip. Which was amazing. However, work at the centre goes on. And today we were visited by Vic, an old friend of the charity and who we’ve had the pleasure to work with on various projects in regard to leadership, team development and positive communication in industry. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Captain Phillipe Kieffer and 177 men of the Free French "1er BFM Commando" were integrated into the British No 4 Commando under Lieutenant-Colonel Dawson, part of the 1st Special Service Brigade under the command of Brigadier Lord Lovat. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Excellent update 🙏🙏💪🏻 respect to those that gave their country their freedom

Fantastic story

My late father served with the 51 st Highland Division , 4 th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders and was captured at St Valery en Caux with Major General Charles Fortune . He was a Coy signaller transferred from the Royal Scots and spent over 5 years as a POW

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Today, the mood is extremely sombre, as the team head to pay their respects to Dennis’ Troop Commander, Captain J L Perry, No48 Commando Royal Marines, aged just 22, who fell as as he led his men to liberate Langrune Sur Mer, DDay, Normandy, 6th June 1944.

Lest We Forget.

(See more in comments)

The British military cemetery contains 4,648 graves of Commonwealth soldiers killed during the Second World War and mostly from DDay invasion. 338 of them are unidentified and 500 are of other nationalities, mainly German. Opposite, a phrase in Latin inscribed on the pediment of the memorial to the combatants is a reminder that in 1944 the British who had been vanquished by William the Conqueror had liberated the conqueror’s native land. NOS A GULIELMO VICTI VICTORIS PATRIAM LIBERAVIMUS. This translation reads: "We, once conquered by William, have now set free the Conqueror's native land."

1/STRacing To RelateEIF-Equine Immersion Foundation

#hbukdday80 #neverforget #normandy2024
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2 weeks ago

Part 3: We had the absolute pleasure to visit Dennis and spend some time with him and his family listening to his facinating stories. Also, we very much enjoyed laughing together about happier times in his life and of tales of daring-do, when he and his oppo’s would share a beer ashore.
Having turned 100 last Monday, he reminisced about when he was 20 years of age. By which time he was commando trained and preparing to head to Normandy.
We spoke to him tentatively about his experience and we will share this memories in posts to follow. But what he really enjoyed, as you can see from the clip, was just a good old dit spinning session. Such a great time and lots and lots of laughter amongst other Royal Marines, you can see how much the visit meant to Dennis. Although he himself does not consider himself one. It was an absolute honour, to be in the presence of such a hero!
1/STRacing To RelateEIF-Equine Immersion Foundation Bruce Crompton

#DDay80 #normandy2024 #hbukdday80 #neverforget
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2 weeks ago

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Beautiful.....forever a hero to my opinion


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Take a look at this conversation between Jock and William! 

As we rode, we delved into the importance of camaraderie and unity among the allies—French, Brits, and Americans—whose bonds were forged in the fires of WWII and remain essential today. Our conversation was a powerful reminder that the freedom we cherish is a result of enduring partnerships and shared sacrifices.

It’s vital we preserve these memories and continue to share the stories of those who fought for our liberty. As we enjoyed a moment of light-heartedness with a ‘drinky poo’ in our bell forts, we reaffirmed our commitment to stay united in honour and remembrance.

Thank you, William, for the camaraderie on this ride and the ongoing mission to keep history alive. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey together in September. 

Share in the comments anything you want us to answer, wed love to chat with you

 #DDay80 #Normandy2024 #AlliedUnity #FreedomRide #HBUKDday80
Yesterday took us to Grandcamp-Maisy, just 2.4km from Pointe Du Hoc on the historic Omaha Beach, where the 2nd and 5th U.S. Rangers bravely fought to dismantle the Maisy Gun Emplacement Batteries. 🎖️ Amidst this profound backdrop, we had the unexpected honor of meeting Brigadier General Jonathan P. Braga, Commander of Special Operations Command, Pacific, along with his wonderful family.

The Brigadier General shared poignant reflections on the significance of being here for the 80th D-Day anniversary. ‘There’s no better place to be with the last remaining members of the Greatest Generation that fought for the freedom of the world,’ he expressed, emphasizing the importance of family support in both military and civilian life.

Swipe to see moments from our meeting and hear more about how their family’s presence enriches this commemoration. It’s a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of those who serve and the families who stand by them. 🌍✨

We’re deeply grateful for the chance to connect and share stories of courage, legacy, and the unbreakable bonds of family. #DDay80 #normandy #VeteranSupport #HonorAndRemember
Early risers today as we headed to the iconic Deauville Racecourse for a meaningful meet-up with Aaron Gryder, former American Champion Jockey and VP at 1/ST Racing, one of our proud sponsors. 🐎🌅

Aaron and our own Jock delved into a topic close to our hearts: finding new purpose for former racehorses. These majestic animals, much like veterans, seek a second chapter after their first careers end, and we’re dedicated to helping them transition smoothly.

It’s partnerships like these with 1/ST Racing and support from organizations like EIF-Equine Immersion Foundation and Racing To Relate that amplify our efforts and impact. Together, we’re creating pathways that honor and repurpose the strength and spirit of these incredible horses.

Stay tuned as we explore more ways to make a difference. DDay80 #neverforget #hbukdday80
Today, we mark 80 years since D-Day, the monumental day that shifted the tide of World War II. 🌊🕊️ On June 6th, 1944, thousands of brave souls from the Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, braving the frontline of fire to reclaim freedom from tyranny.

As HBUK reflect on the immense courage and profound sacrifices of those who fought for a future they believed in—a future where liberty prevails over oppression. Their heroism not only liberated Europe but also shaped the peaceful world we cherish today.

Let’s honor and remember every valiant heart. Their legacy of bravery continues to inspire generations. We will never forget. 🎖️ #DDay80 #NeverForget #Freedom #DDAY80 #HBUKDDAY80
Last night we stood in the quiet early hours, we witness the stirring commemorations of the Pegasus Bridge assault, exactly 80 years ago to the minute. 🌉 #DDay80

Pegasus Bridge, initially named Bénouville Bridge, was a critical early battleground during the D-Day operations. In a daring mission that marked one of the first ground actions of D-Day, 180 troops of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry, led by Major John Howard, skillfully captured these strategic points. Their incredible precision allowed them to land in Horsa gliders mere meters from their objectives, securing both bridges in under ten minutes.

The scene today is electric, with fireworks illuminating the sky, mirroring the explosive history of this site as thousands gather to honor the bravery that turned the tides of war. Brigadier Lord Lovat’s commandos, famously led ashore to the sounds of Bill Millin’s bagpipes against all orders, reinforced the critical eastern flank, leaving a legacy of bold defiance and Scottish pride.

Join us in reflecting on this pivotal moment in history, celebrating the fearless spirit of those who fought for freedom. 🎖️🎶 #paratrooper #commando #fypシ #PegasusBridge #DDay80 #DDay #HBUKDday80 #Dday80
Today, here from jock as they stand solemnly at the British War Memorial in Normandy, a sacred site that echoes the sacrifices made 80 years ago. As HBUK walked among the silhouettes representing fallen soldiers and read the plaques dedicated by their loved ones, the weight of their sacrifices felt all the more real.

These young heroes, aged 19, 21, 22, left a legacy of freedom forged in the harrowing sands of these beaches. This memorial, with names etched on every pillar, serves as a stark reminder of the price paid for our liberty.

We urge you to visit, to bring your children, and to teach them about the tremendous cost of peace. Let them learn about the unsung battlefields, the countless lives lost beyond what history books capture. 

This is more than history; it’s a pilgrimage to honor all who gave everything for us to live freely. If this place doesn’t move you, nothing will.

Fly past rehearsals are underway for tomorrow’s D-Day 80 commemorations. Let’s remember, reflect, and educate. 

#DDay80 #Normandy2024 #BritishWarMemorial #NeverForget #HBUKDDAY80 #RememberanceRide
Recently, we had the chance to catch up with @aidanrbutler , an integral part of the racing community in America, at a significant location filled with history. 🐎🌿 Aiden, who couldn’t join our ride due to prior commitments, is passionate about horse aftercare and retraining, echoing our values at HBUK.

Aidan shared his enthusiasm for returning in September to further support our cause. He advocates strongly for the therapeutic power of horses, particularly in their second careers, which parallels the transitions of the veterans we honor and support. 🇺🇸🇬🇧

Take a look  to hear more about Aiden’s work with two major and three smaller race tracks in the U.S., and why he believes in the unmatched combination of retired racehorses and veterans. It’s all about remembrance, community healing, and harnessing the profound impact horses have on us.

Let’s continue making a difference, ensuring that neither our military community nor these majestic creatures are forgotten. 🕊️💪 #HBUKDDayRide #HorsePower #Veterans #HorseAftercare #NeverForget #DDAy80 #remembrance #HBUKDday80
Today’s highlight was our visit to the historic Pegasus Bridge, a site steeped in valour and memory. 🌉 We had the privilege of meeting Bruce Compton, the vibrant force behind Discovery Channel’s ‘Combat Dealers and the ‘Amazing War Stories’ podcast. A passionate military enthusiast and philanthropist, Bruce, a former paratrooper and one of Britain’s leading collectors of military antiques, shared incredible insights during our heart-to-heart by the Caen Canal. 🎖️
Bruce’s dedication to preserving the legacy of veterans and our shared heritage resonates deeply with our mission at HBUK. His enthusiasm for military history and its conservation sparked a compelling discussion on the importance of honouring our past. 🕊️
Take a look at our reel from our engaging chat and the picturesque setting of our meeting. We’re inspired and motivated to continue our work with even more passion. #DDay80 #hbukddayride #CombatDealers #PegasusBridge #militaryhistory #horses #fyp
Yesterday, we witnessed a truly poignant moment as 60 WWII veterans from the United States touched down in Normandy aboard a Delta Airlines flight. 🇺🇸✈️🇫🇷 Welcome back, heroes! As we honor the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Jay takes a moment to reflect on this special arrival and Delta’s commitment to our veterans. Check out the reel to hear Jay’s insights and see the warm welcome these courageous individuals received.
Let’s take this time to express our gratitude and remember the sacrifices made. Drop a ❤️ or leave a message of thanks as we continue to share stories from this historic journey. #HBUKDDayRide #Normandy2024 #DDay80thAnniversary #ThankYouVeterans
Earlier today at Deauville Airport, Team HBUK had the honor of welcoming 60 American heroes arriving on a special Delta flight. 🇺🇸✈️🇫🇷 Delta Airlines, which boasts a remarkable commitment to veterans making up 11.2% of their staff, has facilitated this journey from Georgia for the third year running.

We’re deeply grateful to Delta for their ongoing efforts and dedication to veterans. It’s moments like these that remind us of the deep connections and enduring gratitude we share across nations.

Check out our stories and highlights for more from today’s heartfelt reception as we continue celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day with those who made history. #HBUKDDayRide #Normandy2024 #DDay80thAnniversary #VeteranHonor #delta @delta
Jay and Jock are at the airport, about to head off to Paris! ✈️🇫🇷 

While they wait for their flight, Jock dives into the Telegraph’s WWII codes hidden in plain sight. 

Imagine the pressure those involved felt, planning such a monumental day. Join them as they journey to Normandy and and take us on a thought provoking journey deeper into history. 

We would love to know what you think about their journey so far and if you’re curious for more facts just ask! 

#HBUKDDayRide #HiddenHistories #Normandy2024
Don't miss out on the important details about our reconnaissance trip to Normandy!
As we honor the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, we aim to provide an incredible understanding of the psychological impacts of war on veterans. This journey is not just about remembering the past, but also about supporting our veterans today.
Stay tuned for live updates and behind-the-scenes insights. Feel free to ask us anything in the comments – we’d love to engage with you!
Join us as we embark on this meaningful journey.
#HBUKDDayRide #VeteranSupport #Remembrance #Dday80 #MentalHealth


We do not rely on government funding so any donations will greatly assist with the running of our charity.

We do not rely on government funding so any donations will greatly assist with the running of our charity.