Covid-19 Charity Statement

During this challenging time, the focus of HorseBack UK is on supporting our attendees, our employees and the local communities in which we operate.

Although we have been unable to deliver many of our courses we continue to engage with participants both past and present to ensure that support is available when necessary.  We have improved both our facilities and programmes and look forward to the lifting of  restrictions to allow us to re-commence courses ensuring that the new Covid-19 Compliant Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to.

Course Introduction

HorseBack UK is a charity set up in 2009 to empower serving and former military personnel suffering from both physical and mental life changing injuries. Using horsemanship and outdoor activities, we deliver personal development programs that encourage our participants to acquire new coping strategies, life skills and build lasting resilience.


Whereas the initial HorseBack courses were about providing somewhere safe to take time out following a life-changing injury, we appreciate the need to provide tangible learning objectives and clear measurable learning outcomes. It is imperative that course attendees progress and take positive steps forward in their path to recovery. This might be in increased confidence and self-esteem, healthier relationships, volunteering, education or indeed full or part-time work.

With this in mind, we have spent the past few years working with SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) to design our own nationally accredited course and become an SQA Educational Centre. This course, SQA Level 4 Certificate in Personal Development Through Horsemanship is delivered alongside the prestigious John Muir Award and is a three week, three-phase residential program.


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