Covid-19 Charity Statement

During this challenging time, the focus of HorseBack UK is on supporting our attendees, our employees and the local communities in which we operate.

Although we have been unable to deliver many of our courses we continue to engage with participants both past and present to ensure that support is available when necessary.  We have improved both our facilities and programmes and look forward to the lifting of  restrictions to allow us to re-commence courses ensuring that the new Covid-19 Compliant Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to.



One of the things we have missed at HorseBack during lockdown is welcoming visitors. Now that the rules have relaxed a little, we’ve been able to see new people from outside our little bubble. (With strict social distancing of course, as you can see from the photograph.)

Visitors come here for many reasons – to explore new projects, to discuss forming partnerships, to pick our brains, to offer us their own valuable wisdom and experience. We feel particularly connected to those who work in the charitable sector, because they understand all the challenges and the intense satisfactions of this work. We see the entire range of charities as a huge team – making people’s lives a little better, shining spotlights on neglected areas, offering hope where there might have been despair. And we love meeting members of that wider team.

We also find that we always learn wonderful lessons from our visitors. They bring different perspectives, extensive knowledge, and inspiring stories with them. Today was no exception. Because we have been comprehensively locked down for so long, we especially enjoyed and appreciated meeting the two brilliant women you see in the photograph. We feel galvanised and full of hope for the journey ahead. It was a perfect end to the week.



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