Covid-19 Charity Statement

During this challenging time, the focus of HorseBack UK is on supporting our attendees, our employees and the local communities in which we operate.

Although we have been unable to deliver many of our courses we continue to engage with participants both past and present to ensure that support is available when necessary.  We have improved both our facilities and programmes and look forward to the lifting of  restrictions to allow us to re-commence courses ensuring that the new Covid-19 Compliant Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to.

Exciting New Developments at HorseBack UK

16 Feb H

These are exciting times at HorseBack UK. We are on the way to become an accredited centre for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. What this means is that we will be able to offer our veterans an official qualification, one that is internationally recognised. This is more than a piece of paper. The team from Creo Skills, who are helping us devise the qualification and putting the HorseBack crew through their assessment work, say ‘It’s gold dust. It’s a really important part of recovery.’ They say it provides recognition for the learners, for the knowledge and skills they have acquired. They describe it as a reward for the effort of learning, and it’s a mark of true achievement. This builds confidence, which is such an important element on the road to recovery. It’s also valuable for future employment, so it has a very practical application.

With the help of the Creo Skills team, the HorseBack crew are getting qualified themselves. This requires a hundred and fifty hours of learning. You may imagine that the atmosphere in the office is dense with concentration and industry. Their work ethic is an impressive thing to see.

We are really delighted with this innovative move. We’ve always been touched and encouraged by the changes we see in our veterans after they’ve gone through the HorseBack courses. Now we can offer them an official stamp on their recovery passport. These qualifications are something which count in the real world, and which will reflect all their dauntless hard work. So, it’s been a great week for us, and we look forward to a tremendous new chapter in the HorseBack story.



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