A newborn filly with royal connections

Chexy with newborn foul
We are delighted to announce that our mare, Chexys Gold, gave birth to a filly on the 8th  of May 2017. What is even more exciting is that the healthy newborn is the daughter of Balmoral Hercules who is one of the Queen’s horses.

Chexy, an American Quarter Horse competed in the discipline of reining in the European championships.  She came to HorseBack UK in 2009 after her retirement.

Balmoral Hercules lives on the Balmoral Estate and is one of the Queen’s prestigious Highland Ponies.  It was decided to combine the two breeds following the success of an existing course horse at HorseBack UK.  He too is a cross between a quarter horse and a highland pony and has proved to be a huge asset to the charity.  The two breeds bring the calmness of the quarter horse and the strength of the highland without increasing the size. He is one of the younger Balmoral stallions and so our little princess doesn’t have too many brothers and sisters as yet.

The foal, as yet to be named will, after training, become part of the HorseBack team and help our injured military personnel to find lost confidence and self-esteem.

Co-Founder of HorseBack UK, Emma Hutchison said: “We’re so excited and delighted that everything went well.  Chexy is being a fantastic mum and we are looking forward to the journey the foal will now take.”


You can see more updates and videos about Chexy and the newborn filly on our Facebook page.

We don’t have a name for her yet and we’re open for suggestions, so if you have a name in mind, let us know on our Facebook page!



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